Ovulating 48 hours after LH surge?

Is it possible to ovulate 48 Hours after your surge (positive test)? I'm just wondering because my temps don't rise til 4 days after my surge every month. I'm wondering (hoping) that from the time of my surge I actually begin ovulation 48 hours after. So that means since the egg can last 12-36 hours (right?) I would have 2 1/2 to 4 days after the first positive OPK. Does this make sense? I had a positive OPK at 9 pm on Saturday, and I'm wondering if last night I ovulated (cervix was high soft open and EWCM). I was away from hub this weekend and only was able to BD Friday twice and today twice. The hope is that I ovulated last night and caught the egg this morning. Definitely not loving my chances though. Wish I temped this month.