Strange vivid dreams

Braelyn • Baby #1 due June 1st
Anyone else having very strage vivid dreams. I had this dream a couple nights ago where I was at a resort and there was a monkey and the monkey was actually really nice and like my best friend lol it was so strange but it was a happy dream.... And then last night I had 2 dreams one was of myself and friends in a banquet hall and a serial killer came through and killed us all and I remember walking back through the banquet hall ( after just being previously killed lol) and seeing blood splattered all over chairs and then the dream changed to myself and friends getting drunk and smoking and doing all these things while I was pregnant and in my dream I was thinking to myself "I hope my baby will be okay" I woke up very upset from the dreams but I thank the lord that that's all they were, just dreams. It almost makes me not want to sleep at night because I'm so scared of having all these dreams.