Missed miscarriage / silent miscarriage

Fena 💋💙 • Born and raised in London England!! Married to my wonderful DH 7 years. Have 7 and 2 yr old boys with baby girl on the way 💜
I am currently going through this at what was supposed to be my almost 6th week of pregnancy.  A silent miscarriage is where the fetus dies but your body doesn't recognize the pregnancy loss or expel the pregnancy tissue.  As a result the placenta continues to release hormones so women may continue to experience signs of pregnancy.  Even though my husband and I are going through this now.  I still refuse to not be happy for others who are getting their BFP's.  I believe that we should support each other through or joys and sorrows, our gains and our losses. Thanks to eveyone for your continuous support. Xxx babydust to all ????✨