Hey ladies. I suffered an ectopic pregnancy in November, and my husband and I are finally able to try again for our rainbow. 🌈
I took this test today (12 DPO according to Glow), and I think I see a faint line, but would love to have a few more pairs of eyes look it over. I took the picture at the recommended 3 minute mark.
I will be retesting with pink dye in a few days. I quite frankly didn't expect to see anything since it was not FMU and didn't want to waste one of my FRER expensive tests. Now, I obviously wish I would have used my pink dye test! 
(TMI) Also, I noticed pink/light blood when I wiped today after using the restroom, which makes me very nervous with this result. Maybe I'm just paranoid because of my previous experiences with pregnancy loss. Any thoughts/advice on this would also be welcome!
Thank you ladies! 💕

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