Funny pregnancy stories?

Pang 🦋 • Ch 21 || XAVT 💚
So this is my first pregnancy and I have been super emotional haha. I've been such a mess. I'm currently 17wks6days along and I've probably cried about 6 times over something literally so stupid lol.
The first time it happened was when my boyfriend and I were cleaning our room and he called me a gorilla. And for some reason, it got to me! LOL. I honestly have no clue why. I started crying and then laughing and then I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time! Not like a laughter cry but a sad emotional cry. But a few times after he decided to tickle me in bed, & I laughed so hard I started crying; almost like before. Haha so these were some funny experiences. 
Let me know some of your funny pregnancy stories! I feel like it would lighten the mood and help other mommas so they don't feel ashamed lol.