Moving out but staying together

My boyfriend and I moved in together within like 2 months of dating I had never lived with someone before and had only been living on my own for 7 months when he moved into my apartment . We both have jobs but I'm finishing school and he is working really hard to finish the things he needs to finish so he can start training for a really good job he was offered . We have literally been fighting probably the whole time we have been living together about how I feel he dosent appreciate me and give me the attention emotionally and physically that I need . We have sex maybe two times a month and when it does happen it's from me complaining and he just can't handle the constant stress of not being able to give me what I need . He admitted that since he's turning 28 this year he feels like he really needs to focus on getting this job so he has something to offer me and our future family and our constant bickering  makes it hard to do what needs to be done . I broke up with him because nothing was changing and he suggested that he moves to his moms and we date again and learn to appreciate each other and he can save money so he can do what he needs to do faster so that he can have his dream job and give us both the life we didn't have growing up . It's admirable but I fear this step back is going to be more harmful than helpful . Has anyone done this and has positive results ? Please give me some advice if you have any im desperate