Too long to orgasm?

Amber • 🐝🐝🐝
Don't get me wrong. I love sex. I love having sex with my man. But I can't vaginally orgasm. It hasn't happened for me. I'm a clitorous girl. But I feel like he gets bored and he stops too soon before he just starts fucking me again. It's about half and half when he stays down there long enough to make me have a clit orgasm. We are very open with each other about everything but how do I approach this discussion lightly. I mean because it does upset me. Like I said sex feels great but I want him to stimulate my clit all the way too! I can't tell you how long sometimes I've had to give him head for and a handy for him to cum when we couldn't have sex for whatever reason. I just feel like it's not equal but I don't know how to approach the situation. Do I just tell him to stay down there next time or do I need to actually tell him he's not fully satisfying me like I want him to?