Should I be concerned?

Kala • My husband and I have 2 handsome boys-6&4 and one beautiful little girl-1
I went to the hospital to get some fluids and have my contractions monitored. The nurse hat put my IV in was very nice but did not do it properly. She drew my blood then started the IV. My arm mediately started to puff up. She was filling my arm with fluids due to the needle that had punctured through my vein. She took the neddle out and wiped up all the blood that was pooling around my arm (usually I don't loose a lot of blood when getting needles put in). She stuck it in a different vein and that was fine. She told me that my first try might be sore like a bug bite. Her exact words....
Well my arm is very bruised and sore, worse than a bug bite. Is this normal? Should I tell my doctor. I don't want to report her. We all make mistakes. She was a very nice nurse!