So I think my husband cheated...

Erica • I`m 37 and had our 🌈 Baby on 1/9/2020 after having a Chemical Pregnancy and an Ectopic Pregnancy resulting in the loss of our twins in July of ‘17.
I was out of town this past weekend for a work thing. I got home yesterday and was look at our checking account. There is a $40 charge at a place called Diamond Massage. (He has never ever gotten a massage before, so this charge is very suspicious) So I goggled it. It came up as a top 10 places in our city for erotic massages... He went Friday night. When we were texting Friday evening he lied to me and told me he was at home playing video games. How do I know he went Friday night... Well when I went through is phone and went the his last eat locations. He was there Friday from 8:30-9:15pm.... It was there on his phone under is frequent locations. On their website it is $40 for a 30 minute "massage". 
My question for all of you is how do I approach this?? He has to know I can see the charge and that he lied to me about Friday night! I want to confront him and I have to, but I want the truth from him. (He knows I will leave him if this is all true.) So how can I talk to him and get him to tell the truth? Do I play the I already know, but want to hear you say it or play innocent... Please help me! I am at a loss and I'm devastated right now!