Walking in on your husband

Have you ever walked in on your husband mastrubaiting? What did you say and how did it make you feel?

Today I ran home to grab some tape for a project I was working on and I saw that my husband hadn't left for work yet. Naturally, I opened the door and there he is, pants off on the couch mastrubating to porn on his phone. Immediately, I said, "what are you doing!?" As my face turns bright red from embarrassment. It was the most awkward moment we have had in our 8 years of being together. I proceeded to get the tape said goodbye and left. I just felt like crying. Not only because that was embarrassing and I never wanted to see that, but it made me feel as though I'm a bad wife and dont sexually please him enough. I know it is completely natural to mastrubate but how do you talk about that kind of stuff!?