The 7 Steps of TTC.....

Jenna • Married 11/13/25 Baby Boy 💙 5/9/17

Anyone else notice the 7 steps of grief are the same as how you feel while TTC?

Disbelief, Denial, Bargaining, Guilt, Anger, Depression, and Acceptance/Hope.

I feel like every month I go through this, or at least most of them. Sometimes I'm angry I'm not pregnant yet, I definitely bargain with God to give me a baby. I feel guilty that maybe we didn't try hard enough and I'm depressed that it's not my turn to get a bfp. I'm in denial I feel my period coming and finally I accept it and hope the next month is mine. I just hope I'm not alone feeling like this. I'm so glad I have the Glow community as support.