Attention women of Glow!

This is a community that allows us to emotionally support each other, give advice, and seek answers.

HOWEVER, there is a desperate need for some self respect and decency!

No one wants to see your cervical mucus.

No one wants to see your blood smeared toilet paper.

No one wants to hear the intimate details of your sex life or your bathroom habits.

And while I'm complaining...


I am so frustrated with all these posts from women who claim their husband is "addicted" to evil porn and they might get divorced over it. Stop being such prudes!! Having orgasms during sex aids in conceiving, and many of you are probably having trouble TTC because you've never had an orgasm or satisfying sexual experience because you're so uptight!

Porn is porn. Sex is sex. Your husband doesn't love you less because he masturbates to porn - you should give it a try too, it may relieve your tension. Porn is nothing more than a visual aid for sexual gratification. It's fun. It's sexy. It's normal.

End rant.