What to do?

Cimone 💫🌼

Sorry this is kind of long..

So my boyfriend hasn't been himself lately. Usually he's vibrant, always has a lot to say, and always so excited to see me and take me out. But he hasn't been to work in over a month because he's in school and he loves to spend, even when I tell him he shouldn't or we should stay in and make plans at either of our homes, he always insists. But since he's stopped working he talks about less, he barely asks to come over, or to simply hang out, and unless he's in an intense mood he won't touch me (sometimes won't even look at me). I don't know if it's something else that's bother him because when I ask he won't tell me what's really on his mind... he knows he can talk to me about anything. I want to do something special for him to make him feel better on valentine's day but I don't want him to reject me or anything cause he's in a mood.

Any suggestions, ideas, advice? I hate seeing him like this

Also please don't say I should just talk to him... I've tried ok 😕.

Thanks in advance ladies💋💕