For the past 3 years my period has pretty much been the same. Always 7 days, always on time. The first 5 days are always like niagra falls heavy, and then it lightens up the last two days until it stops. 
This period started on time, heavy bleeding the first day, light spotting the second, and then it stopped. And I had the weird end of period discharge. My period has NEVER done this before. It's been 3 days now and still no blood and my lady bits are all back to normal. 
My boyfriend and I have sex quite a lot, and I'm pretty sure we had sex at least 3 times during my fertile week. We always have unprotected sex but he pulls out. (Yes I know that doesn't prevent pregnancy, we wouldn't be completely devastated if I am) 
I took a test a few days ago and it came out negative. I'm wondering if it's still too early to get a BFP or not. And I'm wondering if it sounds like I could possibly be pregnant.