Did you feel pain or not?

Like many others, my miscarriage started out with light spotting. I spotted for a whole week. I was told the usual "spotting is normal during first trimester"scenario. That I would know I was miscarrying because I would have painful cramping. 
Well I was sitting there enjoying my coloring book when out of nowhere I feel an achy feeling in my lower abdomen and immediately after a big gush of watered down blood that soaked through my pants I know what I had been dreading was coming true. After that I felt no pain..... Nothing. Except for 2 days after, was getting these cramps that lt hurt to walk. I dint think they were THAT bad until I got a cramp so intense it made me pass out from the pain. My question is when you miscarried was it painful or was it like me and felt no pain? 

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