Having a 2 yr old at hospital when baby is born

Misti • This is my second pregnancy & it's been 10 yrs since my 1st! I'm very nervous but very excited!! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby!
Help!!!  I am stressing so badly about this!!  My fiancé has a 2 yr old little boy who is a good kid but very high strung & I'm terrified of him being at the hospital when I have the baby. He never sits still & is pretty loud & terrible when his nana & aunts are around which will be there. I know I sound like a total witch but I'm stressing about this. If I say anything to him he's gonna think I don't want his kid there but I do just not while I'm in surgery & right after delivery, which is c-section. I want him to meet his brother, yes but I want to be able to enjoy the 1st few moments with our baby & try to nurse him & have quiet time with just us. When I had my 1st son 10 yrs ago I was so stressed with all the people and chaos I couldn't nurse.  I need some input please!!!!