Stopping pill before ttc?

My husband and I have a daughter that just turned 1 on 9/28. We want to go for baby #2. I've been on the pill since after she was born. My last week of my last pack of pills ended wed 10/14. So I was supposed to take the first pill of my new pack on 10/15. We want to try to get pregnant in November. So I stopped taking the pill for this month to hopefully regulate my body from the hormones to hopefully get pregnant easier. I also have the clear blue ovulation kit and I'm using that now just to compare my actual ovulation date to what this app predicts. Does this make any difference? If we get pregnant this month if be thrilled but I'm going to avoid being intimate around ovulation this month. I'm just worried that being on the pill will effect how easy it is to get pregnant. We conceived our daughter the first month. And we only used confirms for the 5 years we've been together