Pregnant but BF is leaning towards abortion..

Alright so my best friend just found out she is pregnant a few days ago and she finally told her boyfriend. He's been trying to persuade her to get an abortion non stop, she came to me crying earlier wondering what she should do or go from here. I could tell she really wants to keep the baby but he is brainwashing her to the point where she is stuck. They weren't actually TTC or anything it was just a surprise pregnancy. I don't know what to tell her except for don't do it, do not ever abort a child. I can't help but be in tears right now writing this because I've been TCC for many months now and have been unsuccessful. Please give me your guidance ladies, what should I say (of course in a respectful and thoughtful manner) to her to convince her to keep the child if she really feels like she is ready for this journey which she has expressed to me that she does feel ready.