I found out today my boyfriend stole from me..

I'm 8 months pregnant ..and am in shock. Today my boyfriend admitted that he stole 100$ from my nightstand drawer. 
He lost his job last month and it had been a bit of a struggle. He's not so good with money and in debt. My dumb ass is pregnant  by him did I mention that.? 
Well he is working again but it's only 32hours a week. But it's something and I'm proud he's not a dead beat . I'm happy he found something and wants to work. But still we struggle . I make much more than him, been buying so many things for our new place that he can't afford. It's been eating at him. His affect has changed he's more impatient gets irritated easily. :(. 
Today he was mad bc his tax return hadn't come in yet. I told him to relax but he was so up in arms. After he left to go to work I went in my drawer in my emergency stash to get a couple of dollars for my breakfast this morning and nothing was in my stash. I text him and asked him if he took some money out of my drawer and he admitted he did😱🙁. But then lied and said it was only $20. I was so shocked. He said he was too embarrassed to ask me for the money ..and he was going to replace it as soon as he got paid this weekend. Then later on in the day he admitted he stole the money bc he had a Valentine's Day necklace on lay away since January. Then he lost his job ..and couldn't pay for the necklace so he took my money out the stash to pay for the necklace 😱. I'm so sad right now. 🙁.