Stay at home girlfriend? What to do?

I know this will sound like I'm complaining about nothing but please try to understand.
I'm 19, my boyfriend is 33 and we live together in London in a beautiful part of Kensington/Chelsea/Knightsbridge (can't be too specific for obvious online safety reasons).
Apart from a quick clean in the morning and maybe tidy up in the evenings before bed I don't clean much since we have a cleaners 2-3 times a week for a few hours. All our laundry gets collected and washed then delivered. 
As for work, I'm starting up a company but it's taking time to get contracts worked out which my boyfriend is handling. As to why I'm not in uni... Because I just rather skip the whole "poor student" phase and get straight into work. Keep in mind it's not a crazy high salary but it's still a couple of thousand pounds a month. 
I'm just getting really used to waking up at 12 in the afternoon, showering, doing emails, going to the gym and coming home to relax.
It's not good for me in the long term, I know that. But I don't know what to do in the meantime that's productive and will occupy my time... Can anyone relate and suggest anything?