Let's clear something up...


Last night I posted a poll asking if any of you had, had any "knock down, drag out" fights with a SO. A lot of you took this to mean a physical altercation. That's not at all what I meant, "knock down, drag out" is simply an idiom meaning a very serious fight. When I looked it up this morning the Websters dictionary does define it as a "violent" fight, so I should have chosen my words more carefully.

Having said that, however, so many of you were cruel to a woman who you thought had just had a physical brawl with her husband, saying things like ,"No, MY relationship is healthy.."..." "we don't bottle up issues"...and never offering a helpful word to someone you thought was in a dangerous situation. Please stop being so petty. No one cares that your relationship is "perfect", everyone fights. My husband and my fight last night was serious...meaning a serious topic was argued about...we didn't scream, but we were both adamant about our points, struggles, and feeling. There's nothing wrong with fighting. Please, just be kind to each other on here and in real life. Don't jump to conclusions and quick assumptions, but offer help when you're concerned about others and not condescending remarks.