I was due Saturday 02

Sasha • I'm 28, baby #2 due feb 6, 2016-another girl!!!
I was due Saturday 02.06.16, and after going to 41wks w my first and being induced I was SURE I'd do the same this time..but miss Paisley Chaise had other plans! On Monday, my 4yr old told my mom and me "Paisley is coming on February two," and we laughed and LAUGHED 😂 well, at 7:02 Monday night my contractions started, 20min apart. By 830 I was sure it was labor and started getting ready. Labored at home playing chutes and ladders and candy land w my 4yr old, tried to relax watching Tangled 😎 by 10pm they were every 7-8min and by 11pm I was squatting in the shower and texting family. By midnight the hot water had run out, contractions were so bad I couldn't stand or walk and I've never experienced such a backache! Around 1am my parents came to take me to hospital and my brother came to stay w my 4yr old. They checked me and I was already 6cm, 100% thinned/effaced 😳 turns out I was having back labor, why it was so painful!! I opted for the epidural this time and it came quickly. Too much excitement to sleep, my mom and I just chatted about my first birth. Around 3am, my water broke on its own and I started to feel the pressure of contractions shift into my butt (I admit I was not convinced that was the baby tryin to get out...🤔 lol) and at 530 I was feeling the urge to push.. BUT MY SISTER WASNT THERE YET 😰 I'd been calling her all night but she was 39wks herself at the time and sleeping heavy 😳 by 6am she called crying shed missed it but we told her to come and I lied to the nurse about needing to push til she got there 😏😁 I had a mirror so I could see the birth too, and w my mom taking photos and my sister holding a leg I started to push! I was shocked how easily and willingly she came into this world 😍 at 6:49am on Tuesday 02.02.16, miss Paisley Chaise was born 4 days early weighing 8lbs, 7.7oz, 20" long!
Today, she is 9 days old and I am so in love and so incredibly lucky to have been blessed with such an easy happy baby! She only cries if she's hungry or pooed, and nurses like a champ!!
My 4yr old is in love too!