Why baby?! Why?!

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I can't keep down any food! I sometimes go days before keeping a few crackers or pineapples down. I've learned to keep eating while throwing up that way it stays in my body a little while to give me some energy. But I'm taking in no nutrition! Getting extremely nauseous, dizzy, I almost blacked out the other day. I know it's because I need food but I've tried everything nausea medicine, different food, different timing. Wish I could get into the dr earlier. I'm high risk and nervous!!! I feel like babies ok, but like I might end up hurting it cause I'm not able to keep down food and my seizure medicine etc etc... This is the earliest appointment they had tho. 
I JUST WANT FOOD!!! I use to eat like every hour on the hour!!! It's been 33 hours since I've kept down a cracker!!! AHHHH