Help should I be upset ?

When my fiancé and I met he told me about this guy named David who he had known for 9 years. He was his best friend they weren't talking tho when my fiancé and I first met because his friend David believed his ex girlfriend over my fiancé about something then they started talking again after a while and we would hang out and stuff go on double dates then David his friend starts saying he doesn't want me around blah blah blah come to find out he started not to like me for something wasn't his business so I said okay I won't hang out with u guys but your girlfriend can't either and so they did that and then they didn't talk for awhile because his friend just had a kid and we've been busy ourselves with work and his friend gets shitty cuz they can't see each other all the time, he acts like a child for one and likes to fight people he's an ass. So they haven't hung out because one my fiance drives my car and then he also is talking shit about me and saying marrying me would be the biggest mistake of his life ? Am I in the wrong for not letting him be his friend when he clearly is not a friend and my fiancé can't stick up for me