I just thought I was having a bad day

Ugh, I was already having a bad day dealing with pregnancy symptoms. I went to my OB for my check up, which they accidentally erased my appt so I had to wait for forever. Well after it was over, I usually turn left and for some reason (prego brain) I went right. So I turned down this other road I never go down, of course it was a school zone and a cop pulls me over. I was going 28 in a 20. I was bawling I was so upset, I really don't need this/can't afford it. I even told the cop I was pregnant with twins and on a unfamiliar road, he gave me the ticket anyways. What kind of a cop gives
A woman that is pregnant with twins and bawling a ticket? I was so upset I had to go throw up in the bushes. I need to be done with this whole pregnancy thing. He kept saying, you need to get your mind focused, I just wanted to scream at him. I wish I could get my mind focused, like I enjoy being like this, my brain doesn't work right now!