8mths and he dumped me-UPDATE

I'm 8 mths along with a girl, been in and out of the hospital with many issues mostly involving stress. My bf dumped me after 3 days of fighting necaUse he says he can't stand the arguing and isn't strong enough to deal with it all. That he loves me ( I don't believe him) but it's too much. Now we have been somewhat on a "break" for about 3 wks, not a "go screw who ever " type but a cool off type. He has another baby mama who is a B and he has kept me secret from her this whole time in fear she would take their son away and cause all kinds of hell for him if she knew he moved on and was having a baby. He is playing the victim and I really think he's waiting on the baby to be born to come back into my life. In which I told him it would be too late. I'm angry hurt hormonal and I literally have no one. Recently
Moved here and have no friends or family with in 3000 miles. He swears he will be here for the baby and that he loves me but it's over. But he's gone and I really want revenge. I'm sorry but it do I want to call text or fb his ex and tell her everything. I know it's childish but the fucker abandoned me........ Pls help what would y'all do??
---Asshole isn't with her he's talking to some
Other bitch all together...... Ugh I'm sooooooo ----mad