Ok so keep in mind I have irregular periods and have no idea when I ovulate or any of that. Not on birth control anymore and used pull out method (Ikr stupid).ok so I had sex January 27th, 2 weeks ago. I'm pretty sure he pulled out a little too late. About 4 days after that I started to feel tired and nausea and I had an endless appetite. That continued for a week until my breast got sore and bigger also. I started to get random headaches too. My breast were only sore on the sides by my armpit for 2 days then it was gone. I still have nausea and fatigue and all that. I also started having lower back pain today and also the urgency to pee. But on February 9th (a couple days ago) I'm pretty sure I started my period. It started with spotting on the night of the 8th and when I woke up I had a lot of blood just like my normal heavy period. Then the 10th it was medium flow and today it is  light and it's not red it's either light brown blood or light brown discharge. I know about implantation bleeding but everything I've read says that it's lighter than a period and isn't bright red. On the 9th it was bright red and even had clumps and the 10th it wasn't so bad but now it's just light brown and not very much. I'm just so confused because My Normal period has no symptoms except for mood swings and lasts 7 days and is VERY heavy. This has lasted 3 days so far and it's pretty much over. But I don't know if it could be implantation bleeding because it was a lot of blood and it just doesn't sound like it. Also if it was a miscarriage why am I still having symptoms plus some new symptoms during and after the bleeding. Oh ya and I took a pregnancy test a couple of days ago before the bleeding and it was a negative. I think it's too early but idk. Is this implantation or a short period that I've never had with a bunch of symptoms I've never had. Or is it a miscarriage and my body just hasn't went back into nonpregnancy mode yet. I'm just really confused please help. I'm too impatient to wait for a test