Pregnant and bleeding again. This is my second pregnancy and will be my second miscarriage... I was hit in the abdomen which caused some light spotting but since then I've been cramping and now I'm bleeding... I'm certain I'm having another miscarriage... It feels the same. It sucks! All I've ever wanted to be was a mom! Now after 5 years of trying I'm finally pregnant again except I'm losing it at the same time! I have the worst luck! I know other people have it worse but right now is about the worst time in my life and its only going to get worse once I do lose our baby. I'm sad and scared and angry! It took us 5 freaking years to get pregnant again! I didn't tell my family that I was pregnant BC I wanted to get passed the miscarriage stage. Good thing I didn't... But that also means I have absolutely no support from anyone but my husband but he is also going through it. It hasn't quite hit me yet, I'm just staring blankly at my phone right now. I feel like I'm going to have a meltdown soon. My cramps are getting worse. Please pray for us if you pray. We need all the prayer we can get. Thank you.