I feel like I'm going to loose it please someone give me some advice !

My boyfriend of two years moved out this past week . Long story short we have been having issues with him being really disconnected emotionally and physically obvious it wasent always that way but a lot more than not and to add to the tension he made some mistakes when he was younger and didn't take care of them and his license was suspended and he has a warrant out for his arrest and it's given him slot of anxiety expecially now because he was offered his dream job making upwards of 90,000 a year and couldn't accept it because of this stuff hanging over his head . We decided last month that all the money he makes from his current job will go toward paying the fines and a lawyer so he can handle this stuff ultimately he felt guilty not contributing and I was fed up with not getting the love and support I needed from him so he went to his moms so he can save and get this stuff handled because they are saving this handled . He explained he wants to be with me and all this strain has made things hard and my constant complaining has been really difficult but that he wants to make this work . He never acknowledged my feelings on the lack of passion and intimacy in our relationship and to be frank I can't and won't wait this out with him if at the end of this when the dress is gone things don't change I've tried to address it and he gets so angry with me and shits down  . What do I do ? What would you do ?