My Husband is Moody >:/

So my husband and I have been TTC baby #2 for a few days now. His only condition to getting pregnant is to excersise and have a healthy pregnancy this time around. No big deal excersise is important for Mommy and baby, so agree and want to get to baby making. He then goes on and on about how he doesn't believe me, and how much I hate to work out. So he becomes more serious, start raising his voice, uses fowl language at me, and totally ruins the mood. I later on forgave him and we made love and all was fine and dandy until we fell asleep. Apparently I was keeping him awake and he stormed out of the bedroom and slept in the living room. Is it normal for guys to be moody when TTC? Do they have mood swings just like us hormonal women sometimes? He's nice to me afterwards and does apologize for being a jerk. But it's so hard to make love and conceive when your partner is yelling at you and making you feel like poo.