Very saddened about my chemical pregnancy.

Anna • Married since 09/09. We have a beautiful son, born on 2/11/13 at 36 wks 3 days. Ttc#2 since June 2014. CP 10/19/14 :`(.
I was hopeful when I got a very very faint positive on Friday. I knew that I shouldn't have gotten too excited, but I did. I obsessively stared at the results telling myself excuses for why the lines weren't getting darker. I comforted myself with the fact that AF still hasn't come. Then it did. I just accepted it, it was what it was. Then I got extrmy angry and I don't know how to feel. Most of all, I feel robbed! It was still my baby! Even though it was only a mass of cells. I'm so upset that I've burst out in tears and picking fights with my husband. I just feel like I might be overreacting- I probably am. But I still have the right to be sad/mad. - now I'm off my soap box.