So I think my obgyn practice is making assumptions about me based on being plus size. At 16 weeks, I did the one hour glucose test and passed with a 130. At 26 weeks they had me do another one hour test and I passed with a 125. I went to the doctor yesterday and they ALWAYS ask if I've done a glucose test, which is annoying because it's on my chart. So the doctor causally mentions they will probably have me do a third one hour glucose test, because a 125 is close to failing (in what world I don't know). I have had an appointment after that test and if was never mentioned that it was close to failing or that I would need a third test. I told my doula and they said it sounded like they assume I will get gestational diabetes even if the numbers don't verify it. I'm even considering trying another doctor, despite being nearly 30 weeks. I've also lost weight since getting pregnant, and my numbers come back fine on a consistent basis. Has anyone else dealt with this?