My love/hate relationship with.....

So I recently got on anti depressants and everything really seemed to be getting better. I have energy again, Im happy all the time, nothing gets to me as easily like before, and my mind doesn't seem so crowded my thoughts running wild 24/7. But with all the good of course there is some bad. 
Before I was a very sexual person, I loved sex and enjoyed having it daily, if not at least every other day with my boyfriend. but now I've noticed my sex drive is gone 😒 I'll have it but there is no happy ending for me most of the time. I started trying to take it every other day to see if that would help my sex drive but I didn't last long enough because I feel like I immediately got irritable and felt the depression slowly coming back. 
Also sometimes I feel like I'm just walking through life not experiencing everything clearly. Like on a cloud? It's hard to explain, maybe just existing rather than living? 
I'm on a low grade anti depressant; I'm not crazy I swear just feel like I needed to get my feelings out there and have a good vent. If anyone is on anti depressants and has any advice it would be much appreciated.