Breastfeeding and birthcontrol options


I am breast feeding Ill be 5 wks pp on Monday so I have my 6 wk check up soon and I just thought I'd ask you moms what birth control will/are/have used while breastfeeding. I know that I won't have a period while bf but I just want to be safe rather than sorry, one is all I can handle right now, but maybe one in the far future(if I can convince my husband)

We wanted to get pregnant with the one we just had but hubby was told his chances were slim to none so when we did get pregnant it was the best day of our lives well 2nd best day the first would be having her. Anyways we weren't sure how it happened but we weren't going go question it, but now that we had her we don't want anymore surprises for a couple years. We rather be on the safe side.