Upset with App

Maylon ā€¢ Happily Married : Mom to 2 Boys : Cason Kole 12.8.16 šŸ’™ Colby Lee 9.20.18 šŸ’™
I have been TTC for almost 5 months now and finally after last AF I started the pee ovulation test. On high and peak ovulation had sex daily. I'm a upset because I've always been 28 day cycle and the app told me I was suppose to get my period yesterday. So I've had in my head if no AF by tomorrow morning I'm testing. Only to think to myself this seems early- I counted and the app changed my days to a 25 day cycle- I don't get AF until Saturday! Now I wonder if my hopes are down the drains! Still testing tomorrow morning with early response. Why did the app do this though?! Is it because I ovulated early so it thinks I'll get AF early? Anyways-Fingers crossed for tomorrow!