advice needed!!

me & my boyfriend are seriously best friends. and us being in an interracial couple, people definitely have their different opinions on us. his family & i click so well! i absolutely adore his family and they are completely approving of us. now my side of the family, on the other hand, doesn't feel the same way. my mom is okay with it, she just doesn't make any effort to meet him or anything like that. my family doesn't like that i'm in an interracial relationship. my boyfriend is such a good guy, and makes me SO happy! i just thought that since i'm happy they should be at least accepting of it. they don't like it. and i know it's gonna put a strain on our relationship when i've met almost all of his family but he still has yet to meet mine. it's just awkward. what do i do? i've talked to my mom multiple times. nothing works. HELP PLEASE!!