Changing daycare...

Kelli • Married since 2005, and had our first child on June 16! We are so in love with our little boy!!!
So, we are changing day care.  Harvey turned 8 months and now all of a sudden he is required to go outside?  He was just diagnosed last week with a double ear infection and rsv.  We got a note from the pediatrician saying not to be outside for 2 weeks.  They told us it's a requirement to outside twice a day for an hour unless the temp is below 20.  
I'm pissed.   The person in charge told hubby that we were lucky that it was so cold today, otherwise they would have found a way to take him outside.  We didn't buy a snow suit because we knew he would be too little to be out playing in the cold!  Aren't we the parents?!?!?!
Here's my 8 month old little guy!!!  And he'll be going to a different daycare starting next week!