Only 2 good follicles

Leslie • Been ttc since 2013. Im 43 already have 3 kids. My husband has 3 kids of his own. We are trying for one if our own. A little worried i am to old.
So I went in for my ultrasound this morning. I had 1 on my right side that measured 10 and 3 on my left that measured 10, 7 and 6. So now I am on Gonal-f 225 units and Menopur 1ml with 2 vials of powder for 4 days. So let's hope the other 2 follicles catch up. She said if not then we could just do <a href="">IUI</a> this round. If I wanted. She said we could still do <a href="">IVF</a> but it's a small chance of success with only 2. The way I see it it's a small chance either way. Whether you get 10 eggs or just 1 your chances are the same. I know the more you have the better your shot. But either way no matter how many you put in your not guaranteed that they will take. I just hope that I get 4 good follicles and that all my eggs are healthy and strong.