The next few weeks cannot come quick enough!!

About three weeks ago, I found out that I'm pregnant. It was unplanned as my marriage is extremely... rocky. I was excited, but also have been terrified and stressed due to the fact my husband is very controlling and emotionally abusive, as well as being physically abusive a few times as well. Well, I'm currently 7+1 and my first appointment is on March 4. and then on March 12, my dad is flying here to collect me and take me back home, away from my husband! I'm finally going to be free of him and my baby is going to be born in the UK! instead of in the US where I'm not a citizen so my husband could take my baby away from me if it was born there! My dad is going to help me file for divorce, and I have evidence that shows my husband to be abusive and unpredictable in case he tries taking me to court! I don't want my baby near him and if I can help it, he won't have anything to do with him/her! I know some people might say 'poor baby, not having a daddy' or whatever but I don't believe any child deserves to be in an abusive household! I cannot wait to be gone and free of the stress and I'm so greatful to my family! My dad and stepmum, who are allowing me to move in with them, and are going to help me with the baby! And my aunt is completely redecorating the spare room at my dads for me and the baby! I love my family so so so much and those two days in March cannot come quick enough!!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•