Why was I ever ashamed of it?

I live in the south and I was raised in the south and I've always hated my accent. Everyone around me has a strong southern accent and I dated a guy from California and he would make fun of the way I said things.   I would go to summer camps with people from out of state and they made fun of the way I talked also. so for the longest time I tried to control my accent and only certain words came out with an accent. The older I get the less I care, my accent is strong and I sound like a hillbilly but who gives a care. I like the lake, I like my farm animals and I like noodling and camp fires and I especially like dirt. This is what I am. I'm now with a guy who's accent is strong and the more I'm around him the more I sound like him and everyone around me. IT FEELS GOOD TO NOT HAVE TO CONTROL THE WAY I TALK. I have a hillbilly accent and I don't give a damn. I just had to vent thank you 😂.