Is my boyfriend gay?

So my boyfriend just told me that he's queer. And let me tell you, I've had my suspicions. A couple weeks ago I was driving to my house and he told me that he wished I had a dick so he could give me road head.... Now we haven't been dating long, and we haven't really known each other that long prior to dating. But anyways, he told me that he queer and into transgenders. So does that make him bisexual or something if he likes the dicks? We were watching porn once and I look up and it's a she male. A female with a dick fucking a man.... Should I be worried? I have no idea how to ask him. Should I just come out and be like "So you're queer and like transgenders, do you like men that have become females or females that have become a male..." I'm confused. I just don't know what to think about with him. The sex isn't the same anymore.... 💔 this kid really had potential to be the one. Now he's changing the game on me. What do I do? First of all is he gay?!