Embarassing question

I'm a women but I like to watch porn ocassionally we watch it as a couple too the weird thing tho which I don't tell most people is that I like to watch gay porn I think it's because with women I feel like their acting and with men you see them cum. Nobody I've spoken to ever (friends) feels the same way! Is this like super rare? Also I like watching lesbian porn I am bisexual and have been in lesbian relationships I cannot stand straight porn tho!! I really don't know why it just totally turns me off! And it's weird so I end up watching lesbian when I watch with my husband cuz he won't watch gay with me. Also here's the weirdest part of all: for some reason I get really turned on when I see him get a hard on for the porn stars on the screen I think it's cuz I know it's probably super exciting for him to see another naked women cuz he only sees me and it makes me feel as if he is feeling really good... Wtf is up with me? Lol friends think I'm so strange especially for the last part of what I mentioned :/ anybody else have weird fetishes or wtvr...Is this normal? 

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