My SO insists on seeing my phone bill because he has a feeling I'm seeing other people. I'm 7 mos pregnant but we are currently living on opposite sides of the country...moving to him in 6 weeks. We had trust issues in the past but I have not been with anyone else since we decided that we were exclusive, which was way before i got pregnant. He gets this "feeling" when he calls in the evening and I don't pick up. I have tried so many times to explain to him that he's overreacting and that I'm pregnant and exhausted or miserable. He has seen how sick I've been so it should be no surprise. In addition, I'M 7 MONTHS PREGNANT...I'm not the least bit interested in another man nor do I feel like other men are dying to get in my maternity pants.

I'm going to offer him the last 6 mos of my bill but honestly don't feel like I should even have to do that. He wants my password to my Verizon account but I know how he is and he will scrutinize and question me on things that occurred when we weren't even together...which is none of his damn business but I know he'll somehow make it his business.

Am I being difficult or reasonable? I want to tell him to get a life but know that's not the right response...I feel like 6 mos of proof should be good enough and more than I should have to give him. I told him its insulting to think I would sleep around while pregnant and even more concerning that he would want to be with someone he thinks would even behave that fell on deaf ears.