Stocking up for baby!

So I'm due May 25th & I've stocked up on a few things like diapers & I've got a little bit of clothes for him here & there but we've mainly been focusing on getting the big main more expensive things such as a crib, swing & stuff like that but income taxes are coming soon & baby is our number one priority! Sooo baby shopping day is coming soon! I wanna be kinda stocked up for when he's finally here so I'm not stressed & pressured when he first comes trying to get things together while still learning to take care for a newborn. So I'm curious as to what you new/experienced mommies have stocked up on & what bottles & other baby products you've chose to use. I am thinking of using the Dr brown bottles because I've read really good reviews & have had a lot of people recommend them to me but I'm not 100% positive yet that's what we want to use. I am just wanting to get an idea of things I need to put on my list to buy & things other moms have found useful to have when baby first comes.