Tension between two families

Allison • 26. Married for 4 years. 22mo 👦🏼. 1 angel baby 👶🏼. 🤰🏼🌈 due in Nov2018
Okay so long story short my in laws and my parents get along OKAY..I know I shouldn't think into anymore than that but I just really wanted everyone to come together before the baby comes. I forced my parents into letting my MIL help with my baby shower and oh what a disaster! My MIL sent out the invitations with my mom's name incorrect on the hosted by section (she used her previous married name) and when I asked my brother in law about it he told us that I TOLD my MIL that this was correct (insert ridiculous facial expression here) anyways my husband says I'm worrying too much and stressing too much but i feel like I can't help it. Is anyone else feeling some family drama dealing with showers and upcoming baby arrivals!? Please tell me I'm not alone in this! (Sorry for the rant guys)