I truly don't get it!

Never been one to complain or be argumentative, but after the umpth-teen time of seeing this, it just baffles me!!! Maybe this is just a part of "social media etiquette" that I'm just not understanding, and if that's the case then I truly do apologize... But here's what gets me: So many times I've seen where a woman posts a pic of a hpt that looks like it maybe, just maybe has a hint of something promising. What she's looking for is some reassurance. An extra set of eyes that can help her decide if she's still in the game... Some hope, if nothing else, that at least there's still a chance. It's so nerve wracking & frustrating being in that situation (I know cuz I've been there!). But then there's always that one person who responds to her post by posting a pic of the extremely positive test SHE got a couple days ago with a comment that goes something along the lines of, "Here's the surprise I got the other day! Hope it's the same for you!". Well yeah... She DOES hope, and the fact that she's STILL hoping doesn't make what you posted feel like any less than a total smack in the face! We all love to see those double lines, but seriously, do you have to broadcast that in the middle of someone else's confusion and frustration?! Is that not what the announcements board is for? To me, that just shows a complete and utter lack of tact, but yet, I keep seeing it over and over again! Can that many people really be that inconsiderate & clueless to the feelings of others?