Ectopic pregnancy :-(

Well friends I've been away from the community for a while as I've known so much pain in these last few months. It's hard to be here but I'm not done yet so here I am. A little background on my last few months.... Dec. 6th 2015 my little brother passed away and I just lost my mind for a while. Thank god for my S/O being strong for me and doing everything because I couldn't do anything. As we went through the holidays we had a tough time and I put up all the decorations quickly after. Everything was drug out because there was an investigation. Finally in January we got some answers and his remains back and I lost it again. I had my 28th birthday January 24th and 4 days later the 5 year anniversary of the day we lost my grandmother who raised me most my life! Soon after I just started bleeding and it wouldn't stop... after a week I got worried went to the doc. Tests looked good wasn't pregnant. My doctor said get into the ob/gyn which is hard around here they're booked into March for new patients. He thought it was some surgeries I'd had as a pre-teen. Well after almost another week of much lighter bleeding I started having severe pain in my right side front and back. Went to the ER and their tests said I was pregnant. But they couldn't find the resin for the bleeding. They transferred me by ambulance to the women and children's hospital and within a few hours they had me in surgery to remove my right fallopian tube as it had ruptured and I was bleeding out! That was 2 weeks ago yesterday. I'm healing well and am back to doing most my usual tasks but emotionally I'm just....lost.... I lose it randomly and just can't function for a while. Asking for prayer, well wishes, comments from those who know what I'm trying to convey, or just anything that may help! Thank you for taking the time to read this! May God bless all of you!