Switching hospitals at 30w

My husband and I live directly in between two hospitals. We are delivering at hospital A because it’s 6 minutes away from my husband’s workplace. Last week, we attended a birthing class at hospital B because it worked better with our schedule. We received a tour of the maternity ward, and it was lovely (and new). The delivery room was relaxing, peaceful, and spacious. The recovery rooms were also really nice, with ample room to relax, have many visitors, and a pull our couch for my husband to sleep on. Last night we finally toured the delivery hospital, and I hate it. The labor and delivery room is small, and very busy (as far as stuff everywhere, on the wall, cabinet doors, etc). The recovery rooms are extremely tight, and having more than two or three visitors at a time is entirely out of the question. The have chairs that pull out for my husband to sleep on, however, these chairs are not guaranteed as they don’t have enough. Also, the nurse giving us the tour was treating us like a number, not a person embarking on a huge life changing journey. She was telling us all these things not to do, having a tone more so of it inconveniencing her. The OB/GYN I’ve had at this hospital has been wonderful, but now I’m nearly dreading and anxious about the whole delivery experience, as if it wasn’t already intimidating enough (1st time mom). Is it too late to switch hospitals/OBs? Is it crazy to even consider? Am I being unrealistic just because the hospital it not pleasant to me?