NO BD on Peak day!

This is cycle #5 ttc, and I just want to cry. For some reason, maybe it's the universe telling us it's not the right time, we can never BD on my ovulation day. Something always comes up! 
Well yesterday was CD16 and my peak day, and I wasn't going to let it NOT HAPPEN again. I was prepared all day for a no interruption, special night with my husband. We talked about it, we were both excited for bed time (have a 5yo and obviously had to wait until he was in bed) ....but then at 8:30, while I was reading to my son and getting him in bed, I look up and my husband is fast asleep. 
Are you KIDDING ME? I was basically throwing myself at him and he fell asleep. Of course it's not his fault, he works SO HARD everyday, and I love him. I was so bummed out last night. Like, this could be our chance, and I feel like we let it slip by, again. 
And no, there was no waking him to do the deed either. He was OUT. 
We BD on CD 12, 14, and 15, and he's home this morning so once he's finished with his paperwork I will try again just in case. But I don't think I'm ovulating now...
Sorry for the rant, just bummed out.