Work is out to get me!


Im 25 work at Sears in Ontario part time, the past two weeks I've been monitored since I can't even hold water down(9weeks today). I was scheduled last Saturday, today and tomorrow. Im laying in my parents room dying until doc can see me tomorrow. I was only able to find a replacement for Saturday not today so I called into the sick line. I got a nasty phone call back 10 mins later with an hr yelling at me that there's no way I know I'm going to be sick Saturday already.... I told her at this rate I'm pretty sure and either way I got someone to cover it but she just kept on arguing with me. I even noted I missed two weeks of my last year of university for the same problem I'm not enjoying myself... but her tone stayed icy...

Any suggestions please hubby just wants me to leave because it's not a career job(he's a one track mind industrial engineer)... but I love this job and 25% discount goes a long way when buying for baby. Besides docs note what else can I do :(